LOVE rays ! I get a large take n bake about twice a month. I love their garlic white sauce and the ingredients taste fresh and they don't skimp on toppings. Call ahead and drive thru the pick up window, couldn't be more convenient!

We tried Ray's for the first time on 12/6/16 while going up to visit my father in law. Excellent service and excellent pizza! Looking forward to the next trip to Pioneer. I highly recommend Ray's.

Ok so we just moved from the coast to West Point and are really struggling with the lack of takeout here! Today it was Yelp to the rescue! We read about Ray's and decided to go check it out.
This place is the definition of "hidden gem". We drove by 2 times before we found it. They really need better signage!
Anyhow, there were a couple cars in the drive thru and a couple eating soft serve out front when we entered what can only be described as the kiosk. The staff was super froendly, the prices beyond reasonable and they had breadsticks, chilled soda, take n bake desserts and the aforementioned soft serve available (flavors change weekly--this week is mango and vanilla). We were told it would be 10-15 minutes until our order would be ready and it was.
It was a little strange to cook it on the wax paper and there was a bit of smoke in my oven from the oil, but the pizza was great. The paper made the bottom crispy, but the top was soft. Yum! We will most definitely be back!
Note that they only have the cinnamon rolls during the holidays, which was a major bummer but I can wait!

I love this place. Stumbled upon it when I first moved to pioneer. For the price you get a larger pizza than you would get elsewhere as well as a load of toppings. Super easy to call in and then drive through and pick up. Don't even have to get out of the car. Perfect for those lazy snowy days up in the mountains!

Great pizza menu. I love that i can bake the pizza at home and eat it fresh out of the oven. I love their Big Combo and Pacific Island. Those are our two favorites, but recently we tried the Italian Combo and the Garlic Chicken and really liked them too. We usually eat here twice a month. The staff is friendly as well. Keep up the good work gang!

OK so my wife was raised half in Concord CA and half in Pioneer CA. Everytime we go to her Grandparents house in Pioneer CA we at least get Rays Take and Bake once, and it is the best take and bake pizza. I think Rays Take and Bake Pizza is the best take and bake there is. If your in Pioneer CA you gotta go here!!!

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